Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Hiring the right people will provide a competitive edge for your organization, but your firm likely requires a variety of hiring needs across an array of skill sets. Some departments may need to staff up or down quickly, others may need more assessment and talent management tools, while others may wish to become better at cultivating internal referrals – and you need to manage these different demands while maintaining a positive employer brand image to the marketplace.

Our RPO’s business is to create efficient recruitment models. We’ve done it for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in myriad industries, located in different geographies, addressing all possible needs. When you need outside expert advice on optimizing your firm’s recruitment model but aren’t quite ready to outsource any or all of your recruitment function, you can still leverage the expertise of our RPO via our recruitment consulting services.

Our RPO’s recruitment consulting services work with you to determine the optimal recruitment model for your business. We start by reviewing your current model to identify what is working and not working with respect to quality of talent, speed of hiring, hiring manager interview skill, recruiting costs, service, employer brand, technology and reporting.   

We then work with you to propose a new model or suggest enhancements to your existing model. Whatever the need, we’ll work with you to create a best-in-class recruiting function and equip your team to manage it on an ongoing basis.


  • Strategic recruitment reviews
  • Workforce planning

  • Employment branding
  • Talent acquisition programs
  • Building and maintaining talent pools
  • Internal mobility
  • Psychometric and behavioural assessment
  • Driving referral programs
  • Interviewing skills training and coaching for hiring managers
  • Vendor-managed service programs
  • Recruitment administration
  • On-boarding
  • Career & succession management
  • Candidate care programs